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  • Hacking The Bottom Line
    shutterstock_175317803 Where is your data, and how quickly can you safely reach it? These questions are top of mind now that cloud and mobile apps like Dropbox, Google Apps, iCloud and mobile banking apps pervade our everyday lives at home and at work. By 2020, there will be an estimated 6.5 connected devices per person. And as more devices—from baby monitors to cars and pacemakers—get Internet… Read More

  • Nintendo?s Mario Kart DLC Is The Best (And Also The Worst)
    Mario Kart 8 Mercedes DLC Nintendo has seen better times. Back in June, the company announced a quarterly loss despite tripling sales of its flagship console, the Wii U. The numbers were bad, but look even worse when looking back with context: if Nintendo sold the Wii U at the same rate as the previous quarter for a year, it would only sell about 2 million units. Read More

  • Singld Out, A DNA-Based Dating Service, Can Match You With Dates Who Will Smell Sexy
    smellsgood There are dozens, if not hundreds, of services out there to help you find someone you might like to have sex with. But there are very few that are run solely by two female founders, and even fewer that use “biological compatibility” as a criteria for matching two users. Meet Singld Out, a platform built for busy folks who are looking to love and need more than just a photo to… Read More

  • Prepare For The Smartwatch Assault
    smartwatches Consumer electronic companies are giddy. They can’t help themselves. They have a new thing. A new gadget. A new widget to sell to you. After years of notebooks, tablets and boring slabs of metal and glass, Samsung, LG, Motorola and all the rest finally have a chance to build something different: The smartwatch. This is going to be a mess. Read More

  • Google Stops Showing Authorship In Search Results
    Google Data Center Google today announced that it has stopped showing the names of authors in its search results. The company first started showing authorship on its search results pages a few years ago. At first, this was a pretty complicated process (I remember a Google engineer walking me through it back then), but over time, it got pretty easy and you basically just had to link your Google+ profile to your… Read More

  • CalPal Adds Messaging To Your Calendar To Simplify Making Plans With Friends
    CalPal app on iPhone Making plans with friends can be like herding cats. Finding out who’s available when and trying to get everyone to agree on a place to meet at a certain time is one of the most problematic issues facing this current generation. Unfortunately, most of today’s messaging and calendaring options are insufficiently prepared to deal with this problem. But CalPal is. Read More

  • Downtown Launches Mobile Payment App In Palo Alto
    BeaconOnTable Downtown wants to change the way you order and pay for food, starting with its launch today at the Palo Alto’s Coupa Cafe, a common startup meeting spot.  Although it’s easy to make online purchases or order food on your phone for delivery, the way you pay for a meal when you’re inside a restaurant has relatively stayed the same. But with its iOS app that launched… Read More

  • Instagram Is Down (Update: Back up!)
    panic Don’t worry, it’s not just you. For the second time this year, Instagram is down hard. At least on my end, it’s completely down. You might be able to get to, but the app has been rendered mostly useless. Seems it’s been that way for about an hour. Update: Looks like the web version is at least partly back online, but the mobile app still seems to be down… Read More

  • Findster?s GPS Tracker Locates Missing Kids Or Pets, Without A Monthly Fee
    20140519041052-Kids01 There are a number of gadgets, both new and old, that allow parents to geo-locate their children – or let puppy parents track down a wandering Fido – but many of these either fall short of the task at hand by relying on Bluetooth alone, or require a monthly fee, like the FiLIP smartwatch for kids or the Amber Alert GPS, for instance. A new gadget now in the works… Read More

  • Tips From The Startup Fundraising Playbook
    plays on a chalkboard Recently, I’ve been considering raising a seed round for my startup Foundersuite. So, to get my head in the game, I’ve been chatting up various startup friends who have recently been in the market for capital. Here are a few of the best tips for running an efficient fundraising round. Read More

  • Windows Phone Picks Up Domestic Support As Its International Numbers Plateau
    Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.00.08 PM Good news for Microsoft: HTC’s new One (M8) Windows Phone handset will land on at least three of the four largest carriers in the United States. Bad news for Microsoft: According to Kantar data, Windows Phone’s market share in China has eroded to less than a single point. It’s a country where Microsoft has invested heavily into adapting its Cortana digital assistant to the… Read More

  • A Chat With Jack Conte, Musician And Entrepreneur
    jack-conte Jack Conte is a busy guy. He and his partner, Nataly Dawn, are on tour with Pomplamoose, a band that rivals only OK Go in their dedication to weird and wacky video production and Conte is also co-founder of Patreon, a way to pay artists for their work. This interview, part of our back to school series, is aimed at getting to the bottom of what it means to be a musician in the Internet age and… Read More

  • Announcing The Full Agenda For TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014
    TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 - Day 3 TechCrunch Disrupt hits San Francisco September 6-10 at its new home at Pier 48, and we’re excited to announce the full agenda. The event will span five days and feature industry titans, noted thought leaders and experienced entrepreneurs. General admission tickets are still available. Luminaries like Peter Thiel, Vinod Khosla and Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen will speak. Unicorn club… Read More

  • Cloud Note-Taking App Notability Launches On Desktop Just In Time For Students Heading Back To School
    notability three-device-screenshot Notability has emerged as one of the favorite apps for students who wish to take notes during class while also recording audio of their lectures. The app, which was already available for the iPhone and iPad, is now bringing all the same functionality to the desktop, rounding out all the places where its users might want to access their notes. Read More

  • Microsoft Azure Now Supports Google?s Kubernetes For Managing Docker Containers
    containers Back in June, Microsoft announced that it would bring support for managing Docker containers with the help of Google’s open-source Kubernetes tool to Azure and today, it is making good on this promise. Most of the work on this integration was done by Microsoft Open Technologies, the company’s subsidiary for working on open-source technologies and interfacing with the open-source… Read More

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