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  • Native Ad Company Sharethrough Raises $10M From British Sky Broadcasting And Others
    sharethrough1 Earlier this month, Sharethrough announced its European expansion, and it jumpstarted those efforts by acquiring London-based competitor VAN. Now it looks like the company will also be getting help from one of the region’s big media companies — British Sky Broadcasting. Specifically, Sharethrough is announcing a $5 million strategic investment from BSkyB. With the participation… Read More

  • iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Arrive In China On October 17
    iphone-6-6-plus Apple has announced the official launch date for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China. On October 10, customers will be able to pre-order the devices from Apple’s site. On October 14, they’ll be able to put earlier orders in at Apple’s retail locations, and devices will become available for pickup on October 17. Read More

  • Hem, Fab?s Pivot Into Home Furnishings, Goes Live In 40 Markets
    Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 23.49.14 Three months after, the New York-based design/fashion marketplace, acquired Helsinki’s One Nordic and announced its intention to pivot its European business to focus solely on original home furnishings, the company is putting its eggs into a new basket — or basket chair, as the case may be. Today it is launching Hem, selling Scandinavian-style tables, shelves and… Read More

  • PotatoStock Actually Happened
    BykdUBzCEAAT8jd It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Zack “Danger” Brown, he of the potato salad Kickstarter, held the first annual PotatoStock in Columbus, Ohio where he and thousands of potato lovers enjoyed beer, music, companionship, and salad. I met Zack a few weeks ago, just before PotatoStock, and he told me of an amazing festival of love, happiness, and mayonnaise. Brown is… Read More

  • Microsoft Will Start To Explain The Future Of Windows Tomorrow Morning
    jasdfjksdf-1 (2) Gird thyself, a new Windows approaches. Tomorrow morning in San Francisco, Microsoft will show off some part of its next operating system in a long-awaited event whose existence leaked before it was formally announced. The market is expectant, and the technology and business media will have its eyes trained on what Redmond has on offer. In the past few days, odd rumors have cropped up: Will… Read More

  • Jeremy Allaire Opens His Long-Awaited Bitcoin Product Circle Up To The Public
    circle When you have one of the most experienced CEOs in the industry, who led Macromedia and oversaw the development of Adobe Flash in the 2000s and then changed online video again by taking Brightcove public, people pay attention. So when Jeremy Allaire said he was entering the Bitcoin space, top-tier venture firms took notice. Jim Breyer, who was one of Facebook’s very first… Read More

  • No, People Are Not Leaving Facebook In Droves For Ello
    Ello Ello is not the second-coming of Facebook and Facebook users are not leaving the social network giant in droves. How do I know this? Those with a shiny new Ello profile are posting about it on Facebook. Despite the promise of an ad free network and the chance to name yourself whatever you want, people don’t up and leave a network that works for them without some big incentive.… Read More

  • HP Plunges Downmarket With A $99 Windows Tablet, $199 Windows Notebook
    hp stream 7 The race to the bottom is back. Reminiscent of the netbook war of yesteryear, HP just followed Toshiba’s lead with a $99 tablet along with introducing a $199 Windows notebook. Expect to see these colorful devices at a department superstore near you. HP hasn’t revealed the specs powering these Windows 8 machines. That’s by design and as we’ve said for years, the spec is… Read More

  • iCloud Is Down For Some
    icloud It seems Apple’s iCloud woes are not over. The service is down for some users including myself. It’s unreachable from and files and emails are failing to sync. Apple’s System Status page reports iCloud and the rest of Apple’s online service as operating normally when iCloud is very clearly not accessible for some. This comes weeks after hackers accessed… Read More

  • Apple Just Patched The Shellshock Bug In OS X
    bug Last week, a big, nasty, freakishly widespread bug was discovered hiding in many UNIX-based systems, including OS X. While Apple was quick to proclaim that the “vast majority” of OS X users weren’t susceptible to the bug, that doesn’t mean they want to leave the door open even a bit. They’ve just pushed a patch for the bug, and you probably want to nab it sooner… Read More

  • Fly Or Die: Apple iPhone 6
    We’re back with a new episode of Fly or Die and armed with the latest iPhone. Will John and I, longtime Apple users, give the iPhone 6 the green light? Read More

  • Burn!
    Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.06.33 PM When hopes and dreams are loose in the streets, it is well for the timid to lock doors, shutter windows and lie low until the wrath has passed. For there is often a monstrous incongruity between the hopes, however noble and tender, and the action which follows them. It is as if ivied maidens and garlanded youths were to herald the four horsemen of the apocalypse. — Eric Hoffer,… Read More

  • Free Consumer Credit Monitoring Company Credit Karma Raises $75M, Now Valued At Over $1 Billion
    creditkarma-bar A consumer-facing credit monitoring startup, Credit Karma, is now worth more than a billion dollars following a new round of funding. The company announced this morning it has raised an additional $75 million in growth funding from Google Capital, Tiger Global Management, and Susquehanna Growth Equity. The new round comes 8 months after its Series C – a time when Credit Karma’s… Read More

  • Scientists ?Train? Water To Move On Its Own
    Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.59.22 PM In what could be a useful trick for moving chemicals from one point to another, scientists at the University of Southern Denmark and Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Czech Republic have created a method to “move” liquids through an alcohol base. While that alone isn’t very cool, just look at the video above: in it you see a small droplet of colored water move… Read More

  • Snapchat Spam Might Make You Feel Fat, But At Least It?s Not Snapchat?s Fault
    smh If you’re receiving messages from your friends on Snapchat that tell you how to lose weight, don’t freak out. It appears that many accounts have been hacked, though Snapchat denies that the hackers accessed users accounts through its own system. According to Twitter, users accounts have been hi-jacked and used to send weight loss spam to other accounts. There’s no word yet… Read More

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