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  • Cora Delivers Organic Cotton Tampons On Demand And In Style
    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.57.45 AM You can’t swing a bag of cats without hitting a new tampon startup. Whether it’s about scheduling deliveries or getting something sweet with the deal, startups are looking to disrupt the age-old feminine care industry with a number of twists and tricks. But Cora, a startup launching today, is looking to re-imagine the entire experience of buying and using tampons, from delivery… Read More

  • Dan Gilbert And Campless Founder Launch A Marketplace For Sneakers
    IMG_0347 The goal is to create a marketplace that sells items at the real market price. Sounds great. As the buyer of a lot things through the Internet, I’m all for fair prices. But will sellers buy into the service, too? Called StockX, the site is a so-called “stock market of things”, offering items for sale priced using live market data. At launch the company will sell only… Read More

  • This Psycho-Pass Dominator Replica Switches Battle Modes Like Wow
    dm_01 While I am not a huge fan of anime – I stopped at Akira and never picked it back up – I can appreciate attention to detail and true proplica badassery when I see it. And so we present the Dominator from Psycho-Pass, a quick-converting replica gun that moves from “paralyzer” to “eliminator” mode. It also connects to your smartphone for some added fun… Read More

  • Was Black Friday A DiSaaSter Or Simply Reversion To The Mean?
    3309463811_91fd202317_o Last Friday, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Workday lost $18B in market capitalization. To put that in perspective, these three SaaS companies lost more in market cap on Friday than 15 current SaaS leaders are worth?combined. How can this be possible? LinkedIn, Salesforce and Workday are growing revenue with sticky customers and they are targeting large addressable markets. Are they now… Read More

  • As Its Market Grows, Nigerian E-Commerce Startup Africa Internet Group Raises $83 Million
    Nigeria contributor Some of Africa’s best funded ecommerce startups just secured more capital. Read More

  • India Blocks Facebook?s Free Basics, Other Zero-Rated Mobile Services Over Net Neutrality
    Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.36.27 Facebook’s Free Basics — the company’s zero-rated mobile service — has been under fire in India over net neutrality violations for months, and now the country’s regulator has weighed in hard on the issue: FreeBasics and services like it have been banned, according to an announcement from TRAI. Facebook has issued a statement in response to the ruling that looks… Read More

  • Traditional Red Envelopes Are Going Digital Thanks To China?s Largest Internet Companies
    shutterstock red envelopes Getting a fat hongbao, or red envelope, stuffed with crisp new notes is one of the hallmarks of Chinese New Year, which starts today and runs for two weeks. As China’s tech companies build their financial services, they want to convince people that hongbao exchanges can be just as fun when performed through a smartphone. Read More

  • How Apple Can Improve Its Watch And Boost Sales
    apple-money Apple isn’t releasing exact sales numbers, but some expert digging has led many to believe that sales of the Apple Watch haven’t reached expectations since its launch in spring 2015. The company’s annual filing suggested it sold $1.7 billion worth in fiscal 2015, but compare that with the iPhone, which sold $32.2 billion worth in the fourth quarter alone. That’s a… Read More

  • Why You Should Be Concerned About The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
    worried I really do wish I understood why lawmakers seem so gung-ho on tearing apart technologies they don’t understand, and freedoms they hardly think about. Frankly, it’s starting to get exhausting — and more than a little difficult to keep straight all the legal bungles belched out by senators and their lobbyists. Until now, we’ve been lucky; most of the ill-conceived… Read More

  • Super Bowl Technology Mishaps And Real Time Rescues
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 04:  A  large graphic of the Vince Lombardi Trophy promoting Super Bowl 50 is displayed on a skyscraper on February 4, 2016 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images) The Super Bowl is the crowning glory of sports in the United States, but it hasn’t been without it’s mishaps. They aren’t the last minute fumbles, missed field goals, or obvious interceptions either. They’re those unfortunate outside incidents that stopped or changed the course of the game. In many cases, today’s real time technologies could have been applied… Read More

  • Meet The Voting Board Of The 9th Annual Crunchies
    crunchies (2 of 1) TechCrunch is excited to announce the 100-person Crunchies Board who collectively picked the winners of the 9th Annual Crunchies award. Early last month the law firm Perkins Coie delivered ballots to these TechCrunch editors, entrepreneurs, investors and other tech notables. The law firm then tallied the ballots and is keeping the winners secret until tonight, when the awards will be handed out… Read More

  • Graphene Shows Promise For Brain Implants
    Creative Commons by CORE-Materials Graphene, the super thin carbon material that’s been exciting scientists in the decade+ since single-atom thick graphene crystallites were successfully extracted from the bulk material, continues to give hints of a promising future blending electronics and biology. Read More

  • The Evolving Technology Of The Super Bowl
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 04:  Super Bowl 50 signage is displayed around Super Bowl City on February 4, 2016 in San Francisco, California.  (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images) To really appreciate how sophisticated this sport has become, here’s a look at some of the ways Super Bowl technology has evolved in the last fifty years. Read More

  • Impact, Investment And Demand: Three Pillars For Civic Tech Success
    pillars Last year was one of great momentum for civic tech. We saw more people and resources than ever enter the space, garnering interest from startups, corporations, government agencies and investment firms. Kicking off 2016, civic tech is a fast-growing field with tangible potential to improve the relationship between citizens and government. Read More

  • Verizon Accused Of Net Neutrality Foul By Zero-Rating Its Go90 Mobile Video Service
    go90 Verizon, the parent of TechCrunch’s parent AOL, is being accused of violating net neutrality principles by excluding its own mobile video streaming service, go90, from data charges — thereby creating an unequal playing field. Read More

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