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  • Google Maps gets a cleaner look and starts highlighting areas of interest
    SS2 It’s been a busy week for the Google Maps team. As we reported earlier today, the Google Maps apps are getting a WiFi-only mode and the team is also bringing more crowdsourcing tools to the mobile apps as well. The company kept the biggest announcement for today, though: Google Maps on iOS, Android and the web is getting a new and cleaner look with a more subtle color scheme.… Read More

  • Google?s Omnitone surround sound project brings us closer to web-based VR
    British television presenter Rachel Riley shows a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR during an unpacked event of Samsung ahead of the consumer electronic fair IFA in Berlin, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber) As has been the case with so many industries, the pendulum of VR will eventually swing back from dedicated apps towards web-based systems — and when that happens, Google will be ready. It published details of a new method for delivering serious surround sound over the web, a system it calls Omnitone. Read More

  • Veeso wants to share your smiles and eye-rolls in VR
    d70ad7cf85a73ec57f690f497937f0a2_original First VR experiences seem to bring about a pretty wide variety of emotional reactions from the people who try it, but right now there aren’t too many ways to actually convey how you’re feeling inside virtual reality. Veeso is aiming to become one of the first VR headsets to capture how you’re feeling through their sensor technology. The company just launched a… Read More

  • Scale lets companies outsource their human-powered tasks with one line of code
    Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.42.39 PM A new startup called Scale, officially launching today, wants to make it easier for businesses to outsource their core processes and tasks that require people, not algorithms, to handle. This could include anything from appointment scheduling to more complicated matters like content moderation, transcriptions, and more. Today, many companies handle outsourcing themselves by hiring and… Read More

  • Zenefits gets a small fine in resolving regulatory concerns in Tennessee
    Michael Arrington interviews Yammer's David Sacks Zenefits has been under fire for skirting regulation, resulting in the ouster of its previous CEO Parker Conrad and a heavy-duty overhaul underway of the company. The results of that effort are now seemingly starting to emerge, starting first with a resolution in Tennessee which will cost the company $62,500 and allow it to continue operating. The company continues to have conversations with… Read More

  • How predictive analytics discovers a data breach before it happens
    Man typing on a laptop. Cybersecurity experts are constantly trying to keep pace with changes in the volatile landscape of IT security. Despite sophisticated tools and solutions, every IT security officer knows that data breaches eventually happen — and they usually go undetected for a long time. What if we could stay ahead of threat actors and predict their next attack before they take their first… Read More

  • The new Glif smartphone mount is the smartest of its kind
    New Glif on Kickstarter - 5-_DSC2138 Launched just 18 months after Kickstarter itself, the original Glif was an early beacon of what was to come for the crowdfunding platform, with an innovative tripod mount for smartphones unlike any other. Studio Neat has taken its sweet time to launch the sequel, but it was worth the wait; it’s a marvelously clever piece of engineering. I spent some time with the prototype to take a… Read More

  • Update on the Chicago Mini-Meetup: We have a space!
    Chicago_Tribune We’ve found a location for our mini-meetup tomorrow! We’ll be meeting at 7pm in the MakeOffices space in the Loop. There will be some free beers and maybe we can get some pizzas in or something. We’ll hold a pitchoff at 8pm and close up at 9pm and perhaps we can go carousing afterwards. I’ll be picking the pitch-off companies tomorrow morning at 8am so be prepared. I… Read More

  • Mystery startup Wonder actually thinks it can make a phone
    Wonder Hubris is both the fuel for great disruption, and meteoric failure. Wonder is betting big. The stealth startup funded by Joe Lonsdale’s 8VC, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, and actor Kevin Spacey wants to challenge Apple for the high-end phone market. According to sources close to the team, Wonder plans to create a smartphone for gamers. Apparently the goal is to build an object so… Read More

  • Gett CEO claims his ride-share company is beating Uber in Europe
    gett It is a very competitive landscape for on-demand rides. While Uber dominates the market in the U.S., Didi Chuxing is the leader in China. And in Europe, there is another player that is making headway. Gett, formerly known as GetTaxi, is the “number one on-demand mobility company operating in Europe,” according to CEO Shahar Waiser. TechCrunch sat down with him for a video interview… Read More

  • Investors realize Nintendo didn?t develop Pokémon Go and shares plummet
    Nintendo Nintendo’s shares plunged after the company said late Friday that the worldwide success of Pokémon Go will not significantly impact its financial results. Nothing Nintendo disclosed about the ownership of the game was new information, but markets were shocked anyway. The stock sank 18 percent to 23,220 yen at the close in Tokyo, the maximum one-day move allowed by the exchange,… Read More

  • French startup Stuart partners with Just Eat to let restaurants outsource delivery
    2c - Stuart_ALLO RESTO It’s Groundhog Day in the world of European restaurant delivery. Despite Delivery Hero-owned Valk Fleet’s spectacular failure, another startup is trying its hand at letting quick service restaurants or take-outs outsource delivery. Stuart, the heavily-funded “last-mile” delivery startup backed by Le Groupe La Poste, is partnering with take-out marketplace Just Eat in… Read More

  • How to live stream the Democratic National Convention
    Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 84th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana United States, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Bergin The Democratic National Convention kicks off this week in Philadelphia, in the wake of the GOP convention and a massive leak of Democratic National Committee emails that’s been widely attributed to Russian hackers. It should be an interesting event, and not just because of all the DNC drama in the news this week — there’s a lineup of heavy-hitting speakers and panels as well.… Read More

  • Platform change, the Yahoo-slayer
    mobile-stab-yahoo In 2000, Yahoo was worth $125 billion. In 2008, it rejected a $44 billion buyout from Microsoft. And today it sold to Verizon for $4.83 billion. The lesson here is, if you won the last computing platform and are on the cusp of the next one you’re not built for, you might want to sell the company. Mobile fell on an unsuspecting Yahoo like a piano on a cartoon villain. It was a web portal. Read More

  • The giant?s fall
    maxresdefault One of the saddest scenes in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is watching the slow-moving Ents – the massive tree shepherds that took days to decide whether or not to react Sauron’s onslaught – are cut down by the wily Orcs. Only a few fall in the battle but when they do the giants of the forests that at first seemed so powerful are exposed to be easily vanquished. They won… Read More

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