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  • Facebook Login Comes To The Apple TV
    Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 18.22.54 The biggest shortcoming in Apple’s newly launched Apple TV is the lack of a Remote app for the iPhone. In particular, when you first set it up, you’ll have to manually enter your Netflix password, Hulu password and more using your Apple TV remote. But Facebook’s new SDK for tvOS seems like a good way to avoid this cumbersome onboarding experience. Read More

  • 8 Cool Everyday Carry Gifts For A Tactical Holiday
    giftguide15-everydaycarry Our friends at Everyday Carry have been looking at cool stuff for years and we asked them for some amazing advice on gear for folks who want stuff that will last us a few years after New Year’s Eve. Their collection of watches, flashlights, and batteries will keep you ready to rock this year and into the next decade. Read More

  • The Many Ways Of WeChat: How Messaging Is Eating The World
    message in a bottle In February 2011, I visited my friend Bill Huang who worked for Tencent in Shenzhen. Bill was telling me about their new messaging app, called WeChat, that had just launched. At the time, I had been using WhatsApp for more than a year. I asked Bill why they would build a copycat. His reply? He simply insisted that I download the app and take it for a spin. That night, I went home to Hong Kong… Read More

  • IBM Thanksgiving Data Shows 28% Of Purchases Made On Mobile, Average Sale $143
    15837827765_eef3775691_k Thanksgiving is now in full swing in the U.S., and while many households have their meals roasting away, people are turning their attention online to kick off their holiday shopping. IBM — which tracks sales across thousands of websites in the U.S. — is publishing real-time numbers tracking how people are buying online and so far the indications seem to be of strong online sales. Read More

  • What?s The Deal With EAT Club?
    eat club To be honest, I had never heard of EAT Club until about a month ago, when its public relations team reached out to me, and I’m glad that they did. EAT Club, which launched in 2010, is almost three years into its move from a consumer-focused company to a business-to-business one that focuses on corporate food catering. EAT Club’s ideal customer has always been the office… Read More

  • The Art Of The Pitch
    pitch I’m fortunate in my day to day. I have the privilege of hearing new and exciting ideas, both by seasoned and budding entrepreneurs. I remind myself that not too many moons ago, I was in their shoes pitching for money, product and development support and, at times, attention. Being that much of my job is hearing, seeing and experiencing pitches, it seems appropriate that I share… Read More

  • All This Thanking? Let?s Get To Nominating
    category-angel Today is a day to be thankful and we are thankful for you! The 9th Annual Crunchies Awards show is coming up on February 8, 2016, but it will be all for nothing if we don’t receive great nominations from you. Nominations are in full swing and the deadline is Friday, December 4th, 2015 at 5PM. Let me tell you more about one of our categories, the Best Angel Investor of 2015. Read More

  • New Balance Taps 3D Systems To Develop 3D-Printed Midsoles In Running Shoes
    newbalance3dprinted Because tech is taking over the world, New Balance has decided to jump on the band wagon with the announcement of forthcoming 3D-printed running shoes. The kicks won’t be entirely 3D printed, but the shoes will come with 3D-printed midsoles, the part of the shoe that sits between the inner-layer and the outside rubber to provide cushioning and support. New Balance is working with… Read More

  • India?s Grofers Grabs $120M To Bring Offline Merchants Into The On-Demand World
    Grofers The race for on-demand delivery services in India is on, and today one of the bigger startups in the market has picked up a large cash injection as it goes for pole position. Grofers, an Instacart-style app that links up with local, offline merchants to delivery groceries, medicine, flowers, and other daily items to customers, has raised $120 million led by new investor… Read More

  • 7 On-Demand Delivery Startups In London
    Delivery Cube drivers - small We count 7 on-demand delivery startups currently battling it out in London (although there are doubtless more) as entrepreneurs and VCs make big bets on smartphone-driven convenience and the promise of getting you food or just about anything delivered to your door within minutes. Read More

  • Holy Smoke! New Raspberry Pi Zero Costs Just $5?
    Raspberry Pi Zero The Raspberry Pi Foundation has upped the ante when it comes to low cost single board computers, announcing a new additional to its family of microprocessors today, called Pi Zero. And it costs… just $5. Read More

  • Add Another Layer To History With StoryCorps? Great Thanksgiving Listen
    StoryCorps This is the time of the year when you see a million “how to survive the holidays with your family” guides appear. Even for people who actually like their relatives, Thanksgiving is often so hectic it’s hard to actually sit down and have a real conversation. StoryCorps wants to overcome that hurdle with the ambitious Great Thanksgiving Listen, its largest oral history project… Read More

  • Fitness Wearable And Coaching Startup GOQii Lands $13.4M Series A From NEA And Cheetah Mobile
    GOQii Wearable fitness trackers are becoming increasingly popular, but a lot of them are quickly abandoned after the novelty of tracking exercise and sleep wears off. GOQii, however, believes it has landed on the winning formula for long-term success. The Menlo Park, California and Mumbai-based company just raised a $13.4 million Series A, which it will use to expand in the U.S. and China. Read More

  • Hey VCs, Here Are The Companies On Display In Startup Alley At Disrupt London
    startup alley london Attention all you investors out there. We’re excited to unveil the companies that will be participating in the Startup Alley at Disrupt London 2015, and you can catch a glimpse of all of them by visiting our new Startup Alley Hub. In addition to being generally awesome, the site is also mobile friendly so you can easily view info on all of your favorite Alley companies right from your… Read More

  • Where Are The Startup Battlefield Companies Now? Fintech Startup Satago Launches New Invoice Tools
    Satago Satago is a UK fintech startup with a simple premise — to help small businesses and freelancers get paid on time. They do that primarily by automated self report — Satago users link their Satago account with their in-house accounting software, and Satago uses anonymized data to create a database that shows how well (or how poorly) companies are keeping up with payments owed. Read More

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