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  • Thankful
    thanksgiving parade Time’s running out. We fear. We long for escape. We all succumb to fire, disease, and sloth. There’s not a lot to be thankful for. But it’s getting better. We have mastered many infectious diseases and we can manage life expectancy and infant mortality with some degree of success. Most of us survive past the first few hours of life these days. We can be thankful for that.… Read More

  • A Gift Guide For Watch Loving Ladies
    giftguide-splash-womenswatches While almost anyone can wear any watch – some watch companies aim traditionally female watches at men with small wrists – a dedicated woman’s watch is beautiful, well-made, and timeless. Here are some of my favorites for the past year. Longines PrimaLuna Legible and elegant, the PrimaLuna collection by historic Swiss watch maker longines offers a variety of styles with… Read More

  • These Aren?t The Drones You?re Looking For
    doorman blade As we approach the holiday season, San Francisco startup Doorman has been getting a lot of attention from the press — after all, by delivering packages when you’re actually home, rather than when it’s convenient for the delivery service, Doorman should reduce the risk that your gifts will get stolen while they’re sitting on your doorstep. I was actually quoted in an… Read More

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Finally Breaks The 50% Market Share Threshold
    screen-shot-2014-11-11-at-12-52-51-pm Windows Phone 8.1 accounted for more than 50 percent of all Windows Phone usage in November. It closed October with 46.7 percent of the market. Windows Phone 8, its predecessor, still controls 33.5 percent of the Windows Phone base. That amount will decline as more carriers update phones that were initially sold with an earlier version of the Windows Phone platform. Here’s the chart… Read More

  • Spend Your Black Friday Funds Helping Crowdfund A Mission To The Moon
    Lunar Mission One You have enough towels already. And owning more gadgets just means more under-utilized stuff gathering accusatory dust. So why not spend the Black Friday funds you’d set aside to spend on sales tomorrow helping to crowdfund a mission to The Moon instead? Read More

  • Twitter Experiments With Engagement Stats Directly In Tweets
    tweet-analytics Want to know just how many people actually care about what you’re tweeting? A new Twitter experiment spotted by ex-Twitter platform head Ryan Sarver will show many you how users are clicking on the links in the updates you post, with a handy link directly in the expanded Tweet view in the iOS application. As usual with Twitter’s features, this is limited to a small sample pool of… Read More

  • Identity Wars: Why Apple Pay Is About More Than Payments
    Fingerprint With their array of shiny new features, bigger screens, and better hardware, there’s been no shortage of attention paid to the launch of the new iPhones. Early reviews seem to indicate that the company has, yet again, come through with another massive success. Read More

  • The Black Friday Survival Guide
    black-friday-survival It wasn’t easy accumulating the research data displayed in the following guide. I saw horrific sights working retail for seven long years in both a big box electronic store and a major shopping center. I saw things that will haunt me the rest of my days. I watched two kids get trampled by what I call Double-Wides because Circuit City clearanced-out Dreamcasts for $80 on Black Friday.… Read More

  • We?ll Get Our First Look At Windows 10 Consumer Features In January
    windows10 Windows 10 is already a known quantity to some degree thanks to the developer preview, but Microsoft is holding an event late in January to present its consumer features properly, according to a new report from The Verge. The January event will include discussion of new features for end-users, including an all-new touch input interface called “Continuum.” Also on the agenda for… Read More

  • Bio-Fuel Powered Electric Triplane Launches On Kickstarter
    Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 14.49.02 We thought Triplanes disappeared after World War One. But a new startup aims to bring them back in a new hybrid electric aircraft, powered by biofuel. FaradAir is now raising money on Kickstarter to achieve its initial funding goals for its plane. The Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft or BEHA for short, aims to be the world’s first ‘Hybrid’ eco-friendly aircraft, but won’t… Read More

  • Space Age Is An Old-School Adventure Built For Mobile
    Space Age game Space Age is an old-school adventure game built for the iPhone and iPad from the developers of The Incident. Read More

  • The Most Popular Enterprise Sync and Share Product Might Surprise You
    Concept photo of folder sitting inside two open hands. 451 Research released a report this week with details on the enterprise sync and share market and what they found may surprise you. It certainly surprised me. That’s because the most popular sync and share tool in the enterprise today is not Box or even Microsoft OneDrive. It’s Dropbox, the cloud service IT supposedly loves to hate. The report, which surveyed over 1000 IT pros… Read More

  • European Parliament Backs Investigation To Split Google Search From Its Other Businesses
    Google Maps Europe A little Thanksgiving message from the European Parliament today: they support the idea of breaking up Google. While the search giant was not mentioned by name, members voted 384 to 174 (with 56 abstentions) in favor of a set of measures encouraged to drive more tech growth across the European Union. Among those measures: a resolution to enforce European competition rules against online… Read More

  • Zano Is A Sky Selfie Micro-Drone That Flies Itself
    Zano Holy autonomous micro-drones batman! Wondering how you’re going to line up your next dronie? Aka a selfie taken from up high by a passing UAV so you don’t get a photo of yourself remote controlling a drone… Well, never fear: a U.K.-based firm is building a micro-drone that flies itself so you can stand around looking nonchalant/pull off some sick… Read More

  • Le Wagon Is An Impressive French Coding Bootcamp For Entrepreneurs
    703131_10152706798336336_1142471780_o Coding bootcamps are nothing new, but they have always been more popular in the U.S. than in Europe. Last year, when Le Wagon started, it was a breath of fresh air. The team not only wanted to bring the concept back to Europe, but also wanted to add its own flavor. Le Wagon is a coding school specifically targeted towards entrepreneurs. It designs its own high quality content to make you… Read More

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