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  • ?The Interview? Censorship Protestors Screen Chaplin?s Hitler Parody ?The Great Dictator?
    Interview CEnsored A clandestine invite to a “secret screening to protest against censorship” of The Interview did not lead to a showing of the North Korea-skewering film at the center of the Sony Pictures hack. It did raise money for free speech charity Article 19, though. Instead, attendees in London, Rome, and San Francisco who were instructed to come “dressed in a dark suit, and bring a… Read More

  • Xiaomi Reportedly Raises $1B In New Funding At A $45B Valuation
    xiaomi Xiaomi, the company that is now the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, has reportedly raised $1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, according to the Wall Street Journal. A Xiaomi spokesperson declined to comment. Read More

  • The Perfect Gaming Phone
    Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 6.11.51 PM As a recent acquirer of an iPhone 6 Plus I had thought that a bigger phone would have better battery and be easier on my eyes. However what I hadn’t expected was the degree to which playing games on it would be much more fun than on my previous iPhone. Read More

  • Microsoft Removes All Third Party Snapchat Apps From The Windows Phone Store
    snapchat-push2 Snapchat confirmed in November that it would crack down on all third party apps, and now the ax has fallen on the Windows Phone app store, which no longer contains any third party apps as Windows Central reports. Read More

  • Here?s How Microsoft Described Its Newfangled Product Called ?Windows? When It Went Public
    msft-sun1 Microsoft shipped the first version of Windows on November 20, 1985. The company went public on March 13, 1986. That means that Microsoft pulled the trigger on its IPO mere months after Windows was first launched into the market. Until today I didn’t know that the two events occurred so close together. Given that I was roughly negative 3 or 4 at the time, I’ve decided to… Read More

  • Crowdsales Funding Innovation By Bitcoin And Its Community
    bitcointug Bitcoin as an industry is becoming segregated by ideology, technology, and application. There are different groups who argue for differing directions and methods of growing adoption. Within Bitcoin today there are 3 distinct groups with their own definitions of what Bitcoin is. For example, Bitcoin miners argue that Bitcoin is a payment system where adoption is driven by bitcoin… Read More

  • Living On Bitcoin
    pacman1 I write for a living and sometimes people pay me in bitcoins. I’m aware that I’m being paid in a currency that hasn’t reached mainstream adoption, but I keep collecting them to see what happens. Last month, while writing a book review late in the night, I got a phone call from an unknown number. It was a guy named Cyril Houri from a Bitcoin company called Brawker. Read More

  • BitTorrent Tells Sony It?s Happy To Release ?The Interview?
    BitTorrent Many have called for Sony to release ‘The Interview’ online. However, Sony CEO Michael Lynton stated earlier that there has not been a major video on demand service, “that has stepped forward and said they are willing to distribute this movie for us.” Several major movie chains pulled out of the scheduled Christmas Day release of the film after hacker group Guardians… Read More

  • The Future Of Biometric Marketing
    biometric The current smartwatch and fitness device space is stagnant. The offerings and the devices are a commoditized mess with companies competing for the same consumers – with the same features. There must be more available from these devices than just tracking steps, miles walked, sleep and general activity, right? Read More

  • How To Speak User
    userspeak This article is an exercise in simultaneously mystifying and demystifying the lingua franca of digital life in order to encapsulate the chronically ironic state of being a user. A companion piece to How To Speak Startup. Read More

  • In War With Publishers, Tech Companies Take Wrong Approach
    2010.05.22 Publishers have been offered a seriously raw deal in the war over content on the internet. Linking to another site is free, and there are few revenue sharing agreements between publishers and technology companies. Supported throughout the development of the internet by leading companies like Yahoo, Google, and Facebook, what might be termed the American model of content has largely won out… Read More

  • How Clear Is The Future Of Google Glass?
    googleglass Some ideas are ahead of their time. There is no question that the wearables market is taking off with the proliferation of health monitors, pedometers and activity trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike Fuelband, etc. And next year the Apple Watch will likely make the wearable watch the next big thing. Gartner boldly predicted that companies using Glass and similar wearable gadgets could save up… Read More

  • Why Retailers Must (But Won?t) Succeed In Introducing Mobile Payment Systems
    Man paying with NFC technology on mobile phone, in restaurant, bar, cafe In the digital age, it’s critical for retailers to collect and manage customer data. This information is the key to providing personalization for any kind of shopping experience, as it allows retailers to understand customer preferences and analyze shopping histories. Smartphone payment systems like Apple Pay are an important method of obtaining this data since they allow data… Read More

  • How NASA Opens Planetary Mission Data
    6166295967_e55a4bf239_b As the U.S. National Aeronautic and Space Administration tests new rockets for its manned space program, planetary scientists are already working with reams of data to determine what the next generation of astronauts may encounter. For the past 25 years, NASA has been working to make the data it collects from all of its planetary missions open to the public and the research community. Read More

  • The Internet Of Things Is Not A Shiny New Toy
    robottoy The Internet of Things is the latest, greatest new buzzword du jour and every major technology company, industrial manufacturer, big retailer and health industry player has declared the IoT to be the next big thing. Each of these industries sees a way of taking advantage of tiny low-power intelligent devices or sensors and they’ve baked the IoT into their future product strategies. Read More

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