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Wednesday, 10 June 2009
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Steppir Dream Beam Prototype
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Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Steppir Dream Beam Prototype Antenna 

I've been fortunate to be able to work with Mike, Jim, and Clay on the new Steppir "Dream Beam" antenna.  You may have seen hints in the pictures of one of the initial prototypes on W7CE's (Clay) web site. These folks are DEDICATED to producing a great product.  I've been helping out on one of the prototypes covering 40m-6m, and have been unable until now to provide commentary or pictures  (other than "it's coming along" or "it's working really well"). What can I say about it? Well, this picture was taken in November; it's been through a somewhat harsh winter here in the Pacific Northwest, and has been working great. I've enjoyed hearing reports of "Great signal" "Loud signal", and 80-100 rate hours on 40m, 0200z to 0400z, with 80 watts in some phone contests.  The most serious contest so far with it was a multi  RTTY effort in the ARRL RTTY Roundup as (and with) K7BTW -- and the antenna's performance has been markedly improved since then. I lament not having more time on weekends to really give it a work out. 

I'm not an employee of Steppir, and not a marketing guy (I don't even play one on TV), but would imagine that many are going to find this product very appealing.  The directionality is exceptional. Front-to-back great. Not having had a gain antenna on 40m before, I'm astounded by what I can work.

There are some things to get used to  -- this is a precision instrument. The sweet spot is narrow (antenna exhibits a higher Q than other yagi-type antennas), so you must be diligent with your frequency coordination of the antenna controller to rig.  Working EU split phone on 40m requires the antenna be set to the TX frequency.  

If you have the opportunity to try this antenna at Visalia or Dayton, I encourage you to do so. 


 This picture was taken at night (see stars in background) with illumination from the ground. It's mounted on a US Tower HDX-589 Tower, at maximum height.  If you click on the picture, you can get a 5MB higher resolution picture.


 Steppir Dream Beam 40m-6m


Steppir Dream Beam


Dream Beam Name Plate


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2008 CQ160 Contest - W7SNH
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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Denny W7SNH came over to do the CQ160 CW Contest -- his first contest using ocmputer logging. We decided to use his call for the operation. Conditions on the first night (Friday) were excellent from here -- it's not normal (as near as I can tell, having only done the top band thing for four years or so) to hear EU, let alone work EU, during a crowded contest band, however we were hearing CT3, CT, DL, EA8, etc... even got a few in the log! I made sure that Denny knew that this wasn't normal.

The conditions held to the next morning, when we were able to hear 3W3W very nicely, however this one didn't get into the log...

3W3W audio snippet (MP3, about 4 minutes)

We did >OK< for a first-time multi-op operation here, and Denny did EXCELLENTLY for not having used N1MM (or computer logging) before... our unaudited results were 654Q's, 131K pts according to N1MM logger..




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